Yorkies, Parti Yorkies, Golden or Gold Yorkies, Golddust, and Biewer Yorkies  for sale in the Twin Cities of Mpls/St. Paul, MN  from Trudy Delich
Parti Yorkies for sale in MN
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Garden Parti Yorkies and Biewers
Garden Parti Yorkies

Garden Parti Eva Grace lives in California. What a pretty girl!
Brandie is a Biewer carrier. This gorgeous girl out of  Ana
 and Taser lives with Heather in Wisconsin.
                                                                                  Tips and Topics  

REAL FOOD RECIPE:  Several people have asked about the recipe I use for some of my yorkies.  This is a much simpler way to give your yorkie real food with a normal balance of hydration (as opposed to kibble which is more difficult to digest) than the recipes given in Dr. Pitcarin's books.  Utilizing the "Preference" veggie mix from www.TheHonestKitchen.com means there is already the right balance of vitamins and minerals, and it makes the whole thing a snap.  I have had excellent results with this recipe.  TheHonestKitchen also sells product to which you only add water, but I have come to like what works for me.

about 1 lb meat (I never use chicken as it seems to be the most problematic) my meats have been lamb, ground beef, ground turkey, white fish, venison, pheasant, salmon.  Always rotated.   A lot of white fish.
about 2-1/2-3 c. water
about 1-2 c. oatmeal (dried and either quick or regular; sometimes I don't use this at all....use less if you would like a "grain free" food, which seems to suit some dogs better; for those who tolerate it well, Oatmeal is one of the "superfoods")
about 2-3 c. Preference mix
about 2-3 eggs (sometimes, or as often as you would like)

cook the meat.  I brown the lamb and beef and add the water. Then completely chill and take off ALL of the fat; this does not seem to be necessary with the other proteins, ie. I bake the fishes and sometimes long roast venison roasts to make them tender and "shredable".  Add the water to the cooked meat and simmer for about 15 minutes.  If beef or lamb. cool and skim.  If the others move right to the next step.  Add dry oatmeal to the meat water mix after removing fat and cook until soft (about 1-3 minutes.)  Remove from heat and add two raw eggs. Stir in and they will cook in the hot mix. Stir again.  Add Preference, stir in.  Let stand to rehydrate about 10 minutes.  Stir again as needed.  Add more water if it seems too dry.  Keep out about enough in the fridge for 5 days and put the rest in the freezer.  Serve two times a day.  Amount to feed will vary with the dog's metabolism and activity level.  I feed a generally active (one hour walk 5 out of 7 days per week)  5-1/2 lb. female about 1/3 to 1/2 c. of the mix.  The amount depends on the level of moisture with each batch.  Check your dog to see if "more" or "less" needs to be fed.  Check them daily by how they feel (necessary with any food). Heat for 30 sec. before feeding.  I also use Doc Roy's probiotic granules from www.revivalanimal.com to keep a healthy digestive balance with every feeding, or at least once a day.

Happy feeding! Feel free to email me about other specific questions, and yes, it can be combined with the kibble you use to give a half and half food.  I do that with the dogs who do not get only this for every meal.

Yummi resting after a swim in the Lake (notice non blow dried coat!) My first Biewer girl imported from Germany.

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A big winning weekend for Trooper in PA tires a guy out!

Vanessa, who is about 3 lbs.,  naps away in her loving home in the Carolinas.  (She spends part of her time vacationing in FL too.) Isn't she an adorable little parti girl?!
What a darling little Parti Girl.  This little pint sized, 3-1/2 lb baby lives out on the East Coast with her family and comes to the name of "Skittles".

Winston the Cool Guy
Louie and Leo; examples of two adorable tiny golden yorkie boys sired by Sunny with mom, Harper, now in their families
Sophie, a Biewer yorkie, at home in the south Metro area. What a pretty face!
Mitzi now lives in CA.   Little four plus pound Mitzi makes friends wherever she goes. What a dolly! Her canine parents are Ellie and Wriggley.
Scroll down to see recipe for semi home cooked food  I use for some of my yorkies and a few TIPS
Hint on Washing Piddle Pads:  If you find your pads are "stinky" when you take them out of the washer (and they have been washed) try running them through the rinse cycle with a small amount of detergent before the regular wash.  You can also try soaking them overnight in a white vinegar solution and then washing as usual.  Drying them outside is the best freshener......even in the winter....isn't that what deck railings are for?
Tip:  Remember to use LESS
Frontline if you need it because of a problem  with ticks.  Try starting with .4 (4/10) of a cc. for a 6-7 lb yorkie and much less for a smaller one.  You can always add more, but you can't take away what you have already put on.
Essential Oils can be an effective replacement for Frontline.  Try NaturesInventory wellness oil Flea and Tick  www.vitaminlife.com 866-998-8855  or BUG Off! garlic taken orally.
Tip:  consider consulting with a holistic vet regarding a reasonable vaccination schedule.
Dr. Jessica Levy, a holistic vet in Blaine, partners with Katie K-9 to do workshops on better ways to feed your yorkies as well as other general health issues. Sorry, at this time you will have to google her name for more information on her.
Stardust Tommy Tucker aka "Taser"

All of my dogs are also loved family members. There are no cages and kennels.  They have regular teeth cleaning, take trips, and enjoy a retirement life once they are done with their hard work.  

Research indicates that Parti Yorkies (AKC registrations) and Biewer a la Pom Pons (German derived) are essentially from the same Streamglen Kennels of England. Other information indicates that the Tri colored yorkies have existed as long as the traditional yorkies and have been with us all along, although rejected in the past as substandard by  AKC show yorkie breeders.  This is a new era where these beauties are appreciated for their unqiue color genetics! I have chosen recently to focus on the American lines with variant colors.  I proactively work to develop these stunning color variations  to  PROvide a wide and healthy gene pool; to PROmote health; and thus PROtecting the future of these great little dogs to the best of my ability. 
I am "PRO yorkie" in all of their phenotypes! 
My puppies AND adults live in my home as my pets as well as little genetic contributors. Some of my adults live with their families in other places and come back to me for whelping and early baby raising.  This allows all of the dogs for whom I am responsible to have wonderful lives with full pet benefits.  It also allows me to have a bigger gene pool for a serious yet conscientious breeding program.  These girls are highly valued by both their very own families and by me.  They deserve the best when they work so hard for me.  The babies are started out on washable puppy piddle pads. New owners can choose to continue this method of training or change to the outdoors.  
HINT:  Keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide on hand.  If your yorkie accidentally swallows something harmful (like tylenol or other human medicines, or gets into that raw hamburger sitting out ready to be grilled) give about 2-3 cc.s of hydrogen peroxide to cause your dog to throw it back up.  If that is not enough, give some more (they don't take it voluntarily!  Think in terms of using a syringe to get it down).  This will save your dog's life and at the least will circumvent a very expensive trip to the ER vet (these things always happen on a Saturday night or holidays) who uses the same stuff to get your dog to throw up; except that it costs much more and wastes valuable time getting there!
A Taser/Yummy breeding making these four 7 wk old boys Biewer carriers.  All sold as pets.
Tip:  Natures Inventory makes an Essential oil for a holistic tick and flea preventative.  I have used it with excellent results. It does not have the concerns of using chemicals as with Frontline, which adds the warning to "wash immediately if you get it on your skin". hmmmmmmm
Hint:  Many yorkies suffer from obesity or weight problems.  Try adding a tsp to tablespoon of canned pumpkin to their kibble every day to make them feel fuller (while reducing their amount of kibble). You can also nuke celery and other green veggies (not peas) to add. Good fiber and healthy!  Natural Balance now makes a kibble food for weight reduction called "Fat Dogs". (imagine that...)  Generally yorkies put on more weight with less food when they eat dry kibble than with "real food" (unprocessed such as with fish and veggies...kind of like us!)
Hint:  Try using real food for treats like slivers of cabbage, celery, pieces of tomato, green beans (cooked is best), broccoli slices, peppers (not hot), brussels sprouts, and other low cal veggies. instead of commercial treats.  Yorkies put on weight very quickly and remember that being overweight is very, very hard on their heart, kidneys, trachea, and knees over time.  Keep them trim and keep them healthy!
 Garden Parti Eva Grace at home in CA. She is the lovely daughter  of Yummi and Bubba Louie.  
Regarding Raw Food:  I have experimented with Stella and Chewy's, Primal and Northwest Naturals diet.  Some yorkies who have digestive issues and do not do well on kibble, can do   well with  commercial raw food or the dehydrated freeze dried raw food.    The enzymes in the raw food help with digestion and in fact this food is much easier to digest than kibble.  As your yorkie ages, it is less able to handle some of the things we humans practice for our convenience....like dry kibble.  Contrary to popular writings, kibble does not help with keeping teeth clean.  Only a regular cleaning regiment does that!
I rotate my dogs' food constantly. 
Another raw food I have liked is  Stella and Chewy's or Primal freeze dried raw.  Not the mess of raw refrigerated, and can be more easily transported without worries.
Trudy Delich 763-438-5005  trudydelich@gmail.com
   I hear from people all over the USA regarding the stories of their     yorkie (usually formerly).  More and more are telling me about the irritable bowel disease that their yorkie develops, more commonly as they advance in years, but even at younger ages.  I have come to believe that the constant feeding of KIBBLE is behind a lot of this difficulty.  Kibble is not a natural form for food.  It is for the convenience of the humans.  Consider using soft, real hydrated foods in addition to kibble if you feel you must use kibble at all OR change off.  Certainly the least you can do is to hydrate the kibble before feeding.  It is a myth that chewing hard kibble preserves tooth function.  Only a personal cleaning schedule will do that (wouldn't it be great if we humans could munch on hard cookies and not have to therefore brush our teeth!)
Tiny Little Lucy at home in her new harness dress
A beautiful, parti girl out of Dazzle and Bubba Louie who left too soon as a result of a surgical procedure gone awry.  Beautiful shining "Stella".
What is the Difference between a Biewer and Parti Yorkie?

The Yorkshire Terrier has expanded in color variation in recent years.  It has taken two pathways with the German derivation being known as the Biewer (and various appendage titles depending on who you are talking to). The gold colors in Germany/Europe have become known as "Golddust" and so on. There are  problems currently with the Biewers, both in genetics and in goals/clubs/ideologies.  I am no longer breeding Biewers. 
Simultaneous to acknowledged emergence of the Biewers in Germany was the public advent of the American version of the Tri colored yorkie, often referred to as the "Parti Yorkie" (and also including now golds and chocolates both solid and parti).  These are AKC recognized by virtue of solid DNA testing several years back.  More outcrossing has taken place and the health problems do not seem to be any different than the traditionally colored yorkies as we have known them.  I am focusing on the American version of the tri colored and gold yorkies.    

TIP:  LESS protein is considered by some healthier for diminutive dogs like yorkies to help save on their kidneys and liver over time.  However, not all agree on this.  
​Greetings from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.  It is my pleasure to offer for sale Traditional yorkies, Golden yorkies, and Tri-colored (Parti ) yorkies. Having bred the irresistible yorkie for close to 25 years, I have now added the flashy and stunning Tri-colors and Gold Yorkies. I offer them for sale to loving homes.  I welcome calls or emails.  My contact with pet owners continues long after the sale is over.  I love my dogs!
Tip:  The most effective and easily used yorkie teeth care products I have found are a combination of drsfostersmith.com Dental Clens Pads and the magical PetzLife Oral Care Gel OR Oxygenated Coconut Oil (which can be easier on the gut and healthy too.) Clean at least 5X's a week.   If your yorkie is not used to teeth cleaning proceed very gradually, with a cheerful and matter of fact attitude. It may take  you up to six months to habituate your dog to this procedure.  If you don't do anything but yearly professional cleanings, you may end up with a toothless wonder in middle age (the yorkie's middle age, not yours!)  Email me if you have more questions on this.
I have recently been notified by someone with sharp eyes that Sophie's picture is being used by a scammer selling yorkies at suspiciously low prices, has grammer that is "not quite right" and is eager to ship a puppy to you immediately.  Sophie was sent to this potential buyer as a picture of the "mother".  The scammer has also used a photo from my friend's website as the "father".    I appreciated the person with "sharp eyes" letting me know.
TIP:  tumeric is good for dogs too!  Try adding some to each meal. Usually dogs like the taste.

Tip:  psyllium powdered husks is a good fiber additive, especially if you are feeding kibble.  Just be sure to add enough water so that it does not swell while they are swallowing and block the throat.
My puppy information and PRICING is found on the 

  Check out the Baby Buds page for information on the arrival of three little tri colored boys belonging to  to my friend, Jessica and also a 17 m old girl.