Garden Parti Dazzle
Dazzle is an AKC Parti Yorkie.  Dazzle is about 6-1/2 lbs. with a thick silky coat that never tangles.  This picture was taken straight from a romp in the lake and running through brush all summer!  Dazzle is one of my foundation  AKC parti girls having produced some very nice babies.  Dazzle has retired and lives in her new home in WI, but I am leaving her picture on because she is the foundation mom to many of my girls.
Dazzle has an incredibly loving and agreeable personality.  This is Dazzle at 6 months.
Garden Parti Dazzle 
Garden Parti Yummi Von den Kobolden
Yummi is my first Biewer yorkie imported from Germany.  She is a wonderful example of excellent conformation and a thick coat that never tangles. Her full brother (but not littermate) was the gold cup champion winner with IABCA (the venue for Biewers) a few years back. One of her daughters is keeping her company in this picture.  Isn't she cute?
 Yummi has retired and is staying
 with me. She is my special girl.

 Lily of Valleys aka "Emmy" is an AKC Parti Yorkie.  Her best weight is  6-1/2 lbs.  and she has a  sweet personality with a large repertoire of tricks! Emmy is a Dazzle/Bubba  Breeding (Bubba is now retired).  Emmy  is loved by Katie and Kevin and makes her home with them and her canine friend, "Oscar", a traditional Garden Parti yorkie boy. Emmy is one smart little cookie!
Emmy's solution to a photo session, in her opinion, that was taking too long!
Garden Parti Lily of  Valleys  "Emmy"
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     Cherish is the daughter of Whimsey and Sprout.  Her granddam is Dazzle and she has a similarly thick and silky coat with a cheerful personality. She loves to hunt frogs with great perseverance by the lake. She  6-1/2 lbs of athletic love. I love this girl!

Garden Parti Cherish
Whimsey is a parti yorkie full of sweetness. She is out of Dazzle and Leo.   She is 5 -1/4 lbs.    and mostly white with the sweetest disposition possible. Her coat is thick and silky.  Lovely conformation.  Just a dolly.  As a puppy she had an intensely dark mask which has mellowed to rich colors as an adult.
Garden Parti Lily of Valleys aka  "Emmy"
Garden Parti Lily of Valleys  "Emmy"
Garden Parti Whimsical Delight
Garden Parti Whimsical Delight as a 6 month old. She is out of Dazzle pictured above
Garden Parti Cherish
Greenwood Cocoa Nuttiest
Cocoa Nut embodies the yorkie temperament. She is smart, affectionate, independent, and loves life.  This little bundle of fun is about 5-1/2 lbs and she sports her chocolate parti coloring in style.
Garden Parti Whimsey
Cocoa Nuttiest owned by Garden Parti Yorkies