SUNNY is a 3-1/4 lb AKC golden yorkie. He has a very loving disposition and stable personality.  Sunny is also a parti carrier.  He has a very silky coat and is "my boy".  

Below are pictured my most frequently used sires.  Additional sires are also sometimes borrowed from friends to accomplish my breeding purposes and those are not listed here.
Garden Parti Sunshine aka "Sunny"
UPDATED 1/1/17
Garden Parti Rubio is an AKC Parti yorkie.  This  easy going little guy gets along well with all of the other yorkies and has gorgeous parents who are 5 lbs and 2-1/2 lbs. Rubio also carries the ee blonde gold gene in addition to his Parti colors.
Rubio is 3-1/4 lbs and seems to pass on a gentle disposition to his offspring.  
Garden Parti Rubio as small baby
Rubio relaxing at the lake in  his new summer puppy hairdo.  This is a prime location to monitor chipmunk traffic!
Leo from Greenwood Biewers
Leo belongs to my friend, Diana, and is the sire of some of my puppies.  He is even much cuter than his picture and is about 4lbs. of love, affection and intelligence!  What a guy.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to introduce his genes into my lines.  Leo is an AKC yorkshire terrier who carries the tri color (and chocolate) gene.
Garden Parti Rubio
Garden Parti Rubio
Garden Parti Sprout
Sprout, an AKC parti yorkie, is my newest little guy and I hope to be using him soon.  He is a funny little character with an entertaining personality and I love him to pieces.  He is from Snowblue Yorkies of KY.  At under a year he is 3lbs. 12 oz.  He absolutely loves to dig in the sand at the lake!  What a little cutey.
Garden Parti Sprout
Garden Parti Sprout
​Garden Parti Sprout
Garden Parti Rubio ......