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The Potty Correction Technique for Piddle Pads Which I have used with success: 

You may have seen me demo this if you have 
been to my house. The process goes like this:

1. Discover the "bad spot" (the offending spot is the bad thing to get across to them, not the puppy )
2. Silently go and pick up the puppy, but do not cuddle close, rather hold out away from your body. This is serious business. ha
3. Go to the "bad spot" and set the puppy close enough so she can sniff it so she knows what it is. Slap the floor beside the "bad spot" and say, "ack, ack, bad spot!"  
4. Continue to carry the puppy out away from you and go over to the piddle pad. Lower her to the pad, but do not release. In a happy cheerful voice, say "good puppy! good potty!"  
5. Return to the "bad spot" and repeat step #3 (their attention spans are very brief!)
6. Return to the piddle pad all the while carrying away from your body. Set the puppy on the pad and with a cheerful voice say "good puppy, good potty" or something to the effect. Release the puppy on the pad.
7. Go to the "bad spot" armed immediately with cleaning supplies and grumble and complain (not hard to do at this point) while you clean it up. Use the words "bad spot", etc. etc.
8. Ignore the puppy for 5 minutes.
9. Pick up the puppy and cuddle as if all is well.

This is the most difficult to do when they are 
being really cute and you find the spot. 
But keeping in mind that you are both taking a break (from cuteness) for a little important life lesson helps buoy up your courage as the human and pull it off when needed.  Good luck and persist!                 Trudy  of Garden Parti Yorkies
Garden Parti Yorkies and Biewers
Scroll way, way down to see the step by step correction
 procedure for  piddle pad training

Past Garden Parti puppies....

Generally, traditionally colored boys are $700 to $1200 depending on size and other desirable characteristics.  $800 to $900 is a common price.
  Traditionally colored girls range from $1000 to $1500 generally ($1200-$1300 is a common price). A very tiny girl under standard might be more. 
Tri boys range from $800 to $1600 (although can go higher for  very tinies in the future).  
Tri girls range from $1100 to $2200, again depending on various factors of size and appearance.  
Golds/whites range somewhere between traditionals and tri colors; often the same as a traditionally colored yorkies

These are pet prices, and do not include breeding rights or registrations for breeding.   Those arrangements are exceptional  and need to made ahead of time.

Those actively engaged on the waiting list have first choice for the type of puppy they have indicated when the puppies are priced at 7-8 weeks of age.  I breed for the standard size (4-7) lbs and occasionally have puppies over or under standard.  I am not taking names for puppies under standard size.  

Information on Pricing Guidelines
General Pricing Ranges are at the bottom of this page

Three babies born to Kala Lily and Trot on 2/15/15.  Two traditionally colored girls and one tri colored girl.
Garden Parti Kala Lily Dam of this litter
Garden Parti Trot:Sire
Dewdrop's and Sunny's babies were born 2/17/15!
Garden Parti Dewdrop: Dam
Garden Parti Sunny: Sire
Keep scrolling down for piddle pad/potty training correction technique.......
New ARRIVALS 3/12/15 out of Windsor (Fleur and Sunny daughter) and Rubio!  One gold/white parti boy, one gold/white parti girl and two tri colored parti girls.
12 hours old.  Two tri colored girls; gold/white boy at the top and gold white girl at the bottom  right. 
Puppy Number One:  Cherry Tart
Garden Parti Cherry Tart is a darling little yorkie girl whom I expect to size out to 4-1/2 lbs give or take a few oz.  This line tends to slow down in size, being nice chunky puppies but slowing growth around 16-20 weeks.  Cherry has a "sensitive female" personality right now, and is still learning a lot about how the world works.  She is priced at $1400 Pet Price.  
Garden Parti Cherry Tart at 7-1/2 weeks
Puppy Number Two:  Sugar Plum
Garden Parti Sugar Plum @ 7-1/2 wks
Garden Parti Sugar Plum is another darling yorkie girl with a lot of color and the same classic baby doll face.  She is also on the sensitive side but very playful with her sisters.  I expect Sugar Plum to size out 5 to 5-1/2 lbs as an adult, although this line tends to slow down and not get as big as I have projected.  She is fine boned like her sister.  She is priced at $1300, Pet Price
Puppy Number Three: Fairy Dust
Garden Parti Fairy Dust is a lovely parti yorkie girl with a cobby little body and lots of coat.  Although she is young, she seems to warm up quickly to new people.  I project this little girl to be between 4-5 lbs adult weight and again, this line is difficult to pinpoint as they often slow down in growth around 16-20 weeks.  Fairy is priced at $2000, Pet Price.
Garden Parti Fairy Dust @ 7wks
PUPPY Number ONE:  Bit O Honey
Garden Parti "Bit O Honey" is a sweet tiny little golden girl. Her cobby little body and thick coat should be just darling as an adult.  Adult projection weight is 3-1/4 to 4lbs at this point in time.  Honey is priced at $1300, Pet Price.
Sorry, Cherry Tart is 
Sorry, Sugar Plum is 
Temporarily RESERVED until April 19, Sunday
Snickers and Cupcake
Garden Parti Snickers and Cupcake at 7 weeks
Garden Parti Snickers @ 7wks
Garden Parti Cupcake @ 7 wks
Garden Parti Cupcake and Snickers are a brother/sister duo that enjoy each other's company and it is a good thing because they are lucky to go to the same wonderful home together.  I am projecting these puppies to reach about 5 lbs as adults.  These happy and adorable little ones are just as cute as can be together. They are priced at $1200 (girl) and $850 (boy).
SORRY, Snickers and Cupcake are SOLD
Bit O Honey's look alike sister as an adult.  Cute! 
Puppy Number FOUR yet to be pictured is  Dewdrop's little Tri colored boy.  Pictures & info later.
Single Puppy 
Garden Parti Sprinkles
Sprinkles is an amazing little Biewer girl with intelligence and abilities beyond her age.  She is an only puppy out of Anastacia and Trot.  Her conformation is excellent as are her athletic abilities.  She is engaging, affectionate, and one of a kind.  Sprinkles is much cuter than her pictures.  She is priced at $1600 and I expect her to size out to be about 6-7 lbs.
Sorry, Sprinkles is SOLD
These puppies will have updated pictures and individual pricing and descriptions when they come  back to me at 7-8 weeks of age.  They presently live in their "Host Home" with their mom, Windsor, on the southside of the Twin Cities.  One may be staying with the mother, Windsor.  Windsor is 6lbs and Rubio, the sire, is 3-1/4 lbs.