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The Potty Correction Technique for Piddle Pads Which I have used with success: 

You may have seen me demo this if you have 
been to my house. The process goes like this:

1. Discover the "bad spot" (the offending spot is the bad thing to get across to them, not the puppy )
2. Silently go and pick up the puppy, but do not cuddle close, rather hold out away from your body. This is serious business. ha
3. Go to the "bad spot" and set the puppy close enough so she can sniff it so she knows what it is. Slap the floor beside the "bad spot" and say, "ack, ack, bad spot!"  
4. Continue to carry the puppy out away from you and go over to the piddle pad. Lower her to the pad, but do not release. In a happy cheerful voice, say "good puppy! good potty!"  
5. Return to the "bad spot" and repeat step #3 (their attention spans are very brief!)
6. Return to the piddle pad all the while carrying away from your body. Set the puppy on the pad and with a cheerful voice say "good puppy, good potty" or something to the effect. Release the puppy on the pad.
7. Go to the "bad spot" armed immediately with cleaning supplies and grumble and complain (not hard to do at this point) while you clean it up. Use the words "bad spot", etc. etc.
8. Ignore the puppy for 5 minutes.
9. Pick up the puppy and cuddle as if all is well.

This is the most difficult to do when they are 
being really cute and you find the spot. 
But keeping in mind that you are both taking a break (from cuteness) for a little important life lesson helps buoy up your courage as the human and pull it off when needed.  Good luck and persist!                 Trudy  of Garden Parti Yorkies
Garden Parti Yorkies and Biewers
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 procedure for  piddle pad training and general pricing information 763-438-5005

 Dazzle and Bubba had 3 girls and 1 boy April 26, 2014.  
 They are just adorable and an exceptionally nice litter. None are available at this time, but they are still with me so I update pictures until they actually leave.
Garden Parti Dazzle
Bubba Louie's Such a Parti Boy
More good news!  Ellie and Trott's two traditionally colored babies arrived safely   May 1, 2014!!  There is one little girl and one little boy but sorry, both SOLD. 
Garden Parti Trot By Me
Garden Parti Ellie Mae
Garden Parti Lily of Valleys aka "Emmy"
Emmy and Trot Proudly announce the arrival of their SIX babies May 16  . .  . .  one Tri colored girl, two Tri colored boys, one traditional girl and two traditionally colored boys!!
  Puppy Number ONE
Puppy Number TWO
Puppy Number THREE
Puppy Number FOUR
GARDEN PARTI LULA is the biggest girl (but not by much) in her litter. She has lovely markings on her little round face.  Lula loves to play with her siblings and of course, snuggle, as is typical of this line of parti yorkies.  Best guess of 5-1/2 to 6 lbs.  at this point in time.  Lula is priced at $2000 Pet Price.
By way of clarification:  Frequently puppies are listed as "RESERVED" until a specific date.  That means that folks up at the top of the waiting list have appointments for viewing or decision making at that time. They also may be just listed as Reserved with no date and that often means they are being watched for my breeding program
Garden Parti Lilia has emerged as the smallest in the litter, but only by a mere 2-3 ozs.  This adorable little girl loves to be held.  Lilia has some black on her back and has a very nice coat so far.  She has a lot of color on her face.  Best guess on her adult weight is 4-1/2 to 5 lbs. at this point in time. She is fine boned and short backed.. a lovely little body. Lilia has a special feminine charm all her own.   Lilia is priced at $2000 Pet Price.   
Past Garden Parti puppies....
Pricing reflects the size, gender and type of the puppy.  They are usually priced around 7-8 weeks of age and listed on this website.  People who are actively engaged on the waiting list have first choice during the first week after listing.    Generally, traditionally colored boys are $800 to $1200 depending on size and other desirable characteristics.  $900 is a common price.
  Traditionally colored girls range from $1000 to $1500 generally ($1200 is a common price).  
Tri boys range from $850 to $1600 (although can go higher for very, very tinies in the future).  
Tri girls range from $1100 to $2300, again depending on various factors.  Golds are priced as they become available and somewhat in line with the Tri colors with more for gold/white than solid golds.
These are pet prices, and do not include breeding rights or registrations for breeding.   Those arrangements are exceptional  and need to made ahead of time.
One Little Boy.....Garden Parti Mick @ 8 wks
Mick is a little traditionally colored yorkie boy who has a classic and true Teddy Bear face.  His coat is thick and silky and will probably stay black in color as his head changes over to gold in the next year or so. Mick loves to snuggle and has had practice at the local nursing home where he and his sister visited with their Host Home Mom, Debra.  They spread joy and loving to residents there.  Mick is a compact, cobby little boy and I expect him to be about 5-1/2 lbs.  He is priced at $900, Pet Price. He will come vet checked and current on immunizations.  He is an exceptionally cute little yorkie.
.......and One Little Girl
Garden Parti Mini
Mini is a darling little traditionally colored yorkie girl with a thick black coat and the same trademark big eyes that run in her mother's line.  Like her brother, she has had practice cuddling while visiting a local nursing home with her Host Home Mom, Debra.  She also likes to play with her brother and they can really get going in rough and tumble puppy play.  Mini most likely will retain the black coat with her head changing over to gold with time as is typical with yorkies.  Mini is priced at $1200, Pet Price.  I expect her to be about 6 lbs or slightly less.
Sorry, Mini is SOLD
Sorry, Mick is SOLD
Garden Parti Landry  is an easy going, playful little guy with a nice even disposition. He is the one with the "happy go lucky" attitude.   He has a super thick coat and the squarest little body ever. He is the one who is the mediator between his sisters, but also is good at stirring things up. The best guess on his adult size at this time is 5-1/2 lbs give or take. Landry is priced at $1300 Pet Price. Landry and Lettie will be going to the same home to enjoy  adventures together, and with the two of them, there is sure to be a lot of adventure
Sorry, Lettie is SOLD
Garden Parti Lettie @ 11 weeks
Garden Parti Lettie
Lettie is an affectionate, playful little AKC Parti Yorkie girl with a thick coat and excellent structure. She is fine boned, smart, and loves attention. Best guess right now in adult size is around 5 lbs.   Lettie is priced at $2000, Pet Price.  Her little "raccoon mask" will grow out as Kala's and Dazzle's did most likely, leaving brown around her eyes and dark tips on the ends if they are left to grow out.  Stunning combination when cut correctly.  

Sorry, Lettie is SOLD
  Sorry, Lilia is SOLD
Garden Parti Lilia @ 11 wks
Garden Parti Landry @ 11wks
  Sorry, Landry is SOLD
          Lula is 
Garden Parti Trot By Me aka 
Garden Parti Athena @ 8 wks
          Puppy Number ONE
Athena is the smallest in the litter by 2 ozs.  She is the only traditionally colored girl and has a quietermore sensitive demeanor.  She is a beautiful little girl with tiny little ears and a sweet expression.  I expect her to be between 4-5 lbs full grown.  Athena is priced at $1200 pet price.  
Puppy Number TWO
Garden Parti Zeus is an adorable Tri colored parti boy.  He has a nice compact body and a round, short little face.  I expect him to be between  4-5 lbs. full grown and he looks like a little teddy bear bouncing around.  He has a playful attitude and is about as cute as they come.  Zeus is priced at $1500, Pet Price only.  Strict neuter required on Zeus at pet price. 
       Sorry, Zeus is SOLD
Garden Parti Zeus @ 8 wks
Garden Parti Mojo @ 8 wks
Mojo is another adorable little boy in this litter and one of the two boys we affectionately dub the "Twins".  It is very difficult to tell him and his brother apart.  Mojo is a sweet, sweet boy with a happy little personality, not overbearing,  and cute as can be. I expect him to be around  5 lbs or slightly less at this point in time.  Mojo is priced at $900 Pet Price and preneuter is available if the new owner desires.
Sorry, Mojo is SOLD
       Puppy Number THREE
       Puppy Number FOUR

      Sorry, Athena is SOLD

       Garden Parti Trygg
                @ 8 wks
   Sorry,  Trygg is SOLD
Trygg is the other "Twin" and is another adorable little Boy!  I expect him to be about 5lbs.  He has a shiny dark black coat that looks like it might stay that way with his head changing over to gold.  Like his brother, he is not overbearing, but rather a happy addition to any household.  Trygg is priced at $900 Pet Price with a pre-neuter option offered.
Puppy Number FIVE

      Garden Parti Bentley @ 8wks
Sorry, Bentley is SOLD
Bentley is the lovingest little boy who loves, loves human contact and touch.  A family with lots of people around would make this handsome little guy so happy.  He also loves the company of other dogs.  Bentley is the biggest in Emmy's litter and I expect him to be 6-1/2 to 7 lbs full grown. His structure is excellent. He is priced at $900 Pet Price and a pre-neuter is offered at the new owner's discretion.    
The Tri-colored girl in this litter, Electra, is under observation at this point in time for her growth rate.  There is a possibility that she will stay a Garden Parti girl  and become a future Garden Parti Mom in her current Host Home where she will live with her mom, Emmy. This is only if her size seems promising for breeding. No pictures of her at this time.  She is second biggest in this litter of six.  She is cute (sorry to those who are waiting).
     Puppy Number SIX