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Puppy Number FIVE
Puppy Number ONE:

For Pet Prices: 
Generally, traditionally colored boys are $1500 to $1700 depending on size and other characteristics although they are only available very infrequently through my friend, Karen.  
Traditionally colored girls  generally  $2900 (some tinies more  and again very rarely available except through Karen).
Tri boys range from $1900 to $3000 generally  depending on size and various characteristics
Tri girls  usually start at $3000 with  $3200 as a common price.  Smaller sometimes more.
Golds/whites and chocolates are similar to tri colors, but chocolates can be a bit more because of rarity.

I set prices around 6-7 weeks of age.

These are pet prices, and do not include registrations for breeding.   Those arrangements are exceptional  and need to made ahead of time.  Pricing reflects projected size, gender, coloration and appearance.  

Those actively engaged  (meaning I have confirmed that you are on  the waiting list and we have had communication) have first choice for the type of puppy  indicated when the puppies are priced at 6-7 weeks of age.   If you do not choose a puppy when offered one, and that is what you have been waiting for, it is unlikely a similar opportunity will be available in the future unless there are extenuating circumstances in your situation.  I breed for the official standard size (4-7) lbs and occasionally have puppies over or under standard.  I do not take names for folks only wanting under standard projected adult size although I do have those puppies from time to time.

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November 8, 2022

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The Potty Correction Technique for Piddle Pads Which I have used with success: 

You may have seen me demo this if you have 
been to my house. The process goes like this:

1. Discover the "bad spot" (the offending spot is the bad thing to get across to them, not the puppy )
2. Silently go and pick up the puppy, but do not cuddle close, rather hold out away from your body. This is serious business. ha
3. Go to the "bad spot" and set the puppy close enough so she can sniff it so she knows what it is. Slap the floor beside the "bad spot" and say, "ack, ack, bad spot!"  
4. Continue to carry the puppy out away from you and go over to the piddle pad. Lower her to the pad, but do not release. In a happy cheerful voice, say "good puppy! good potty!"  
5. Return to the "bad spot" and repeat step #3 (their attention spans are very brief!)
6. Return to the piddle pad all the while carrying away from your body. Set the puppy on the pad and with a cheerful voice say "good puppy, good potty" or something to the effect. Release the puppy on the pad.
7. Go to the "bad spot" armed immediately with cleaning supplies and grumble and complain (not hard to do at this point) while you clean it up. Use the words "bad spot", etc. etc.
8. Ignore the puppy for 5 minutes.
9. Pick up the puppy and cuddle as if all is well.

This is the most difficult to do when they are 
being really cute and you find the spot. 
But keeping in mind that you are both taking a break (from cuteness) for a little important life lesson helps buoy up your courage as the human and pull it off when needed.  Good luck and persist!                 Trudy  of Garden Parti Yorkies
Garden Parti Yorkies and Biewers
Past Garden Parti puppies....

General Pricing Guidelines for Garden Parti Yorkies Puppies

Walker, a past puppy, says "Hi" and encourages you to keep scrolling down.....
More yorkie puppy photos and piddle pad correction procedure at the bottom of this page. 

 This space reserved for future puppy pictures!

Sheila Odden's lovely creations can be found online at 

and Sheila.Odden@gmail.com  for more information 
or 763-464-4687
Oliver  greets you and says to keep scrolling down!
Check this out!  A yorkie Bowtique!  Maddie, the 2019 St. Paul Winter Carnival Canine Queen whom Sheila purchased from me, models one of her adorable creations.

Maddie, also the St. Paul Winter Carnival Canine Queen for 2019, models one of Sheila's creations.  Maddie also appeared on the cover of City Pages, for Mpls. spring 2022. She is the granddaughter of Dazzle on my Ladies page.
New Babies born August 23, 2022 to Paladin and Cherish!  Four girls and one little boy.
Dazzle's great grandchildren!  She is on my "Ladies" page and my favorite line.  These babies will likely be some of my last ones.  Each one is so special.
Garden Parti Frosty was the smallest in the litter and now is the same size as his smallest, sister, Shine. He is a very sweet little boy who takes things in stride in his "chill" manner..  He is charming  with a short  little nose that should grow into a darling face as an adult. He is well proportioned and likes socializing.  My best guess on Frosty's good weight as an adult is 4 lbs give or take  Frosty is Pet Priced at $2500.  
Garden Parti Shine was definitely not wanting her pictures taken, but she is so cute anyway.  She is the most sensitive one in the litter and the same size as her brother, Frosty.  With a fine boned build, she will be small, but early yet to say is she will reach 4 lbs or not.  She is a dolly.  Shine is Pet Priced at $3000.

Garden Parti Frosty
Garden Parti Glitter is the next one up in size and a happy, sweet and busy little girl with a bit of a diva personality. She was slightly more into picture taking, but not really too sure!  She has a stocky little body and I expect her to be in the 4 to 5 lb range but it is early yet to say for sure.  She is Pet Priced at $3000.
Garden Parti Sparkle has the right name for her!  She is such a little sparkler in the group.  It looks like she will spread cheer wherever she goes. She has a thick silky coat and looks like a little stuffed toy after her baths.  She likes to play and eat and of course be carried around.  My best guess on her adult size is 5 lbs although that could change.  She is Pet Priced at $3000
Garden Parti Shimmer gets the award for being the most cooperative girl in the picture taking category!    Maybe it is because she knows she is so photogenic.  This little girl is also on the sensitive side but not too much so that picture taking is scary.  She has a mostly dark saddle and likely gets all of her coloring from her papa, Paladin.  She tends to stay back and watch what is happening before jumping in.  She loves to eat and be carried around. My best guess on weight as adult is 5-6 lbs.  She is the biggest girl in the litter, but does not beat out Sparkle by much.  Shimmer is Pet Priced at $3000.
All of these puppies are CURRENTLY RESERVED 
Garden Parti Sparkle at 7weeks of age
Sorry Shine Is RESERVED with deposit
Sorry, Shimmer is RESERVED with Deposit
Sorry Frosty has a Deposit. Sale pending
Garden Parti Shine
Sorry, Glitter is RESERVED with deposit
Garden Parti Glitter at 9 weeks
Sorry Sparkle is SOLD
Shimmer  at 4 weeks of age