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Garden Parti Coco Puff
  $1000 pet price (mid sized female) SOLD
 Many folks have understandably contacted me regarding pricing of my yorkies.   I have included a section here with past  purchased puppies and what price they were listed at so that you have an idea of what to expect in the future.  My hope is that this is helpful for you.  Prices generally reflect, color, expected adult size, and gender.  There may be slight increase from some of the ones listed below in the upcoming puppies, especially in the Tri colored females.
Garden Parti Katy.
$1500 Pet price (female 5-6 lbs) SOLD

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  more updates on future litters

Garden Parti Brooklyn
Garden Parti HaiKu
$750 Pet Price upper mid sized male SOLD
The Potty Correction Technique for Piddle Pads Which I have used with success: 

You may have seen me demo this if you have 
been to my house. The process goes like this:

1. Discover the "bad spot" (the offending spot is the bad thing to get across to them, not the puppy )
2. Silently go and pick up the puppy, but do not cuddle close, rather hold out away from your body. This is serious business. ha
3. Go to the "bad spot" and set the puppy close enough so she can sniff it so she knows what it is. Slap the floor beside the "bad spot" and say, "ack, ack, bad spot!"  
4. Continue to carry the puppy out away from you and go over to the piddle pad. Lower her to the pad, but do not release. In a happy cheerful voice, say "good puppy! good potty!"  
5. Return to the "bad spot" and repeat step #3 (their attention spans are very brief!)
6. Return to the piddle pad all the while carrying away from your body. Set the puppy on the pad and with a cheerful voice say "good puppy, good potty" or something to the effect. Release the puppy on the pad.
7. Go to the "bad spot" armed immediately with cleaning supplies and grumble and complain (not hard to do at this point) while you clean it up. Use the words "bad spot", etc. etc.
8. Ignore the puppy for 5 minutes.
9. Pick up the puppy and cuddle as if all is well.

This is the most difficult to do when they are 
being really cute and you find the spot. 
But keeping in mind that you are both taking a break (from cuteness) for a little important life lesson helps buoy up your courage as the human and pull it off when needed.  Good luck and persist!                 Trudy  of Garden Parti Yorkies
Garden Parti Yorkies and Biewers
$1200 Pet Price (smaller female gold) SOLD
Garden Parti Cherry
Scroll way, way down to see the step by step correction
       procedure for  piddle pad training
Garden Parti Snoopy
$850 Pet Price (male bigger) SOLD
$1200 Pet Price (smaller male) SOLD
    $1500 Pet Price (smaller female)  sold
Korbin @ 9 wks
Garden Parti Ainsley
$1100 Pet Price (smaller to mid female) SOLD
Garden Parti Kudo
$1000 Pet Price (mid sized male)  SOLD
Garden Parti Dunkin' for Gold
$1000 Pet Price (mid sized male) SOLD
$900 Pet Price (smaller/mid male) SOLD
Garden Parti Bauer
Garden Parti Demi
$1400 Pet Price (mid sized female) SOLD
Sizing Above Based on the Yorkie size standard of 4-7 lbs
$1200 Pet Price (smaller/mid male) SOLD
Garden Parti Keister
Garden Parti Simba Sue
$1000 Pet Price (female mid to upper sized)  SOLD
Dewdrop  had one traditional girl 3/30/14 and sadly the puppy did not make it through the birth process.  

EllieMae (confirmed)  and Dazzle (confirmed)  are due 
a week apart the end of April. 
Updates will follow as puppies start to arrive. One more mom is bred but not due until the third week of May and pregnancy is not confirmed yet. I do have waiting lists for all categories at this time, but more waits for the Tri colors.   By way of explanation, there is no financial obligation to be on the waiting lists, but those folks will have first choice when it comes to puppy reserving time (usually around 6-7 weeks).  When chosen with a deposit and visit(when possible), the puppies  will stay with me until they are old enough to leave which is usually around 12 weeks.  I update those persons toward the top of the lists by way of email with reports, pictures and eventual scheduling of viewing appointments. 
Prices will be set at 6-7 weeks of age prior to viewing.  Prices will reflect size, gender, and coloration of puppy.  The puppies co-owned with Diana may be priced differently than mine alone, and she will be selling more highly priced puppies. 763-438-5005
Sorry; At this time I cannot take any more names for the Waiting Lists until I know what puppies are born and how they are matching up with those waiting. This should change in May. Thank you.

  Good News!  Four little babies arrived safely 4/7/14!! 
        Proud Parents are Fleurette & Bubba Louie
Starting at the Left side looking at photo; Tri colored boy(smaller);   Top-Tri colored boy bigger;   Right side-Tri colored girl;  and Traditional boy on the bottom.  All have classic blazes (except the traditional boy of course)  I co-own Fleurette with my friend, Diana, of Greenwood Biewers.  We will be selling them together.
Bubba Louie
One Day Old
Garden Parti Twizzler
 $800 Pet Price (larger male) SOLD
Garden Parti Kalina
$1600 Pet Price (smaller to mid/sm female) SOLD