​Greetings from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul,  Rochester area and Bemidji of Minnesota. (I live in multiple places in MN.) It is my pleasure to offer for sale  Tri-colored (Parti ) yorkies. Having bred the irresistible yorkie for  30 years, I  now am focusing on the flashy and stunning Tri-colors, black and whites and sometimes chocolates. I offer them for sale to loving homes.  I welcome calls or emails.  I love my yorkies!
Yorkies, Parti Yorkies, Golden or Gold Yorkies, Golddust, and Biewer Yorkies  for sale in the Twin Cities of Mpls/St. Paul, MN  from Trudy Delich
Parti Yorkies for sale in MN
Tri colored yorkies for sale
Biewers for sale
Yorkies for sale

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What a darling little Parti Girl.  This little pint sized, 3-1/2 lb baby lives out on the East Coast with her family and comes to the name of "Skittles".

Mitzi now lives in CA.   Little four plus pound Mitzi makes friends wherever she goes. What a dolly! 
Hint on Washing Piddle Pads:  If you find your pads are "stinky" when you take them out of the washer (and they have been washed) try running them through the rinse cycle with a small amount of detergent before the regular wash.  You can also try soaking them overnight in a white vinegar solution and then washing as usual.  Drying them outside is the best freshener......even in the winter....isn't that what deck railings are for?
HINT:  Keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide on hand.  If your yorkie accidentally swallows something harmful (like tylenol or other human medicines, or gets into that raw hamburger sitting out ready to be grilled) give about 2-3 cc.s of hydrogen peroxide to cause your dog to throw it back up.  If that is not enough, give some more (they don't take it voluntarily!  Think in terms of using a syringe to get it down).  This will save your dog's life and at the least will circumvent a very expensive trip to the ER vet (these things always happen on a Saturday night or holidays) who uses the same stuff to get your dog to throw up; except that it costs much more and wastes valuable time getting there!
Hint:  Try using  real food for treats like freeze dried raw such as is made by Stella and Chewies or Primal or any other reputable freeze dried raw product. Try slow baking  thin sweet potato slices until they are chewy and or crisp.
Trudy Delich 763-438-5005  trudydelich@gmail.com
   I hear from people all over the USA regarding the stories of their     yorkie (usually formerly).  More and more are telling me about the irritable bowel disease that their yorkie develops, more commonly as they advance in years, but even at younger ages.  I have come to believe that the constant feeding of KIBBLE is behind a lot of this difficulty.  Kibble is not a natural form for food.  It is for the convenience of the humans.  Consider using soft, real hydrated foods in addition to kibble if you feel you must use kibble at all OR change off.  Certainly the least you can do is to hydrate the kibble before feeding.  It is a myth that chewing hard kibble preserves tooth function.  Only a personal cleaning schedule will do that (wouldn't it be great if we humans could munch on hard cookies and not have to therefore brush our teeth!)
A beautiful, parti girl out of Dazzle and Bubba Louie and belonging to Jessica,  who left too soon as a result of a dental cleaning gone awry.  Beautiful shining "Stella".
What is the Difference between a Biewer and Parti Yorkie?

The Yorkshire Terrier has expanded in color variation in recent years.  It has taken two pathways with the German derivation being known as the Biewer (and various appendage titles depending on who you are talking to). The gold colors in Germany/Europe have become known as "Golddust" and so on. There are  problems currently with the Biewers, both in genetics and in goals/clubs/ideologies.  I am no longer breeding Biewers. 
Simultaneous to acknowledged emergence of the Biewers in Germany was the public advent of the American version of the Tri colored yorkie, often referred to as the "Parti Yorkie" (and also including now golds and chocolates both solid and parti).  These are AKC recognized by virtue of solid DNA testing several years back.  More outcrossing has taken place and the health problems do not seem to be any different than the traditionally colored yorkies as we have known them.  I am focusing on the American version of the tri colored and gold yorkies.    

Tip:  The most effective yorkie teeth care products I have found  is  a baby tooth brush and the magical PetzLife Oral Care Gel OR Oxygenated Coconut Oil in the form of PurO (which can be easier on the gut and healthy too....I have noticed some yorkies not tolerating the PetzLife as well). Clean at least 5X's a week. Best is every day.    If you don't do anything but yearly professional cleanings, you may end up with a toothless wonder in middle age (the yorkie's middle age, not yours!)  Email me if you have more questions on this.
Meet Maddie! St. Paul Winter Carnival Canine Queen of the Snows 2019!  
We are so proud! Maddie is out of Sprout & Kala Lily and was entered by her owner, Sheila, who also has the etsy shop on my Baby Buds page.
Bella the Dolly at home in Florida
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TIP: Sometimes yorkies are prone to Gut inflammation issues, especially following an event of eating something bad or a history of kibble feeding.  There is a great product called 
Gastro Assist, all natural, to replace the  constant trips to the vet to get metronidizole or other such antibiotics only to have it return at a future date.  Gastro Assist is a big gun probiotic and other compound that really works and is used regularly as part of your yorkie's diet.  It is ordered online.  Made for humans with the same issues.  Contact me if you have more questions on this.
Mandate: avoid oral multiple treatment flea and tick products.  Remember, as such they go through the major organs thoroughly.
These two pretty boys are owned by close relatives who live in close proximity.  They spend a lot of time together and are good friends.  Beautiful boys!
Proud PapaGarden Parti Yorkies Paladin
My very good friend, Karen, has Three Beautiful Yorkie puppy litters!  The moms are pictured below. They are her three pets in her home and the Babies are cared for with a lot of conscientious planning and TLC so therefore I was happy to put up these last puppy pictures as part of the end of my journey breeding yorkies over the past 30 years.  What a glorious ending. Below are the available puppies, now about 8 weeks old, and their moms pictured beside them.

Contact Karen at 763-923-3866 or 
Crowning Glory Yorkies Nyla, mom to the two chocolate boys
Crowning Glory Yorkies Gidget mother
Crowning Glory Yorkies  "Shoni"
SHONI is a sweet little parti yorkie Girl.  She is pictured here at about 8 weeks. She is priced at $3500.  Contact Karen as identified above for more information.
Crowning Glory Yorkies Butch Cassidy
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Butch Cassidy is a darling chocolate yorkie with his very cute mom pictured below. He is expected to be 4-5 lbs as an adult and priced at $3200.
Sundance is the sweetest happiest boy ever.  A little chocolate guy who is expected to be 6-7 lbs and priced at $2900.
Cody is a traditionally colored little yorkie boy.  He is expected to be 5 lbs give or take and is priced at $3000.
Yummi resting after a swim in the Lake (notice non blow dried coat!) My first Biewer girl imported from Germany.  I no longer breed Biewers, and she is gone now, but I loved her very much and miss her every day.